At Smart FX, our copiers generate precise predictions and estimates that you can reply upon to avoid pitfalls and minimize losses. Our software is one of the best in the industry and features innovative programming, which allows us to give you exact estimates for your trading requirements.

Here is a brief overview of how our trade copier works:


The software on our Forex trade copiers helps our account managers copy trades from major accounts to any number of slave accounts. The account manager performs actions on a master account and the same actions are copied by the software to all the slave accounts created by him. This allows us them to accurately predict the resultant trends and effects on the market.


Why use a trade copier service?

Generating profits and curbing losses can be better managed through an efficient copier software. Using the software serves us a lot of advantages:

  • It reduces the stress of the traders in executing forex signals in trading accounts
  • It saves time because you don’t have to sit for hours and analyze the market
  • It allows you to copy trades from the account of a professional trader to your own account which enables you to earn profits from the start
  • You can earn significant profit at minimal risk.
  • It helps you grow your investment portfolio
  • It simplifies complex trading data and makes it available to you in simple and easy formats.


If you want to benefit from our extensive experience and utilize the insights of our global research team