If we send you a signal to BUY ▲ or to SELL ▼ at market you will see the level that we entered; just look at your chart and if price is 10 pips / ticks away from it you are too late.

Most of our signals come in BUY STOP / LIMIT ▲ or SELL STOP / LIMIT ▼ which

means that these are pending orders. Look at your chart, if price hasn´t hit these levels

put on the order and wait for it to get filled.


Our signals have a 70%- 80% win rate on average. You can see our results and some trade examples on our performance page.


Forex signals are basically trade ideas and recommendations generated by professional.Forex traders based on extensive research, news monitoring or technical analysis.Forex signals are very effective for beginners and intermediate level traders to generate consistent profits by just following the experienced traders.


There are many types of Forex trading signals. Some signals are generated automatically by Expert Advisors (EAs) whenever price hits specific levels. Similarly,some trading signals are generated manually by traders based on their analysis and forex strategies. At Smartfxsignal.com, trading signals are generated manually by the team of our professional Forex traders. Our signals are based on price action trading strategies. We ensure at least 1:2 Risk/Reward ratio in our trading signals .Once you subscribe our service, you start receiving our trading signals via mobile SMS as well as email. We generate two or more trading signals daily. Our trading signals include entry price (the price where you buy or sell an asset), stop loss level (the price where order is automatically closed with loss if the price moves against our expected direction) and take profit level (the price where order is automatically closed if the price moves in our expected direction). You get instant notifications whenever our trade is triggered or closed. We have a proven track record of 68% winning rate and around 500+ green pips every month.


As mentioned before, a good Forex trading signals’ service such as Smartfxsignal.com can be extremely useful if you are losing constantly just like 80% Forex traders do.

Following are some key advantages of using Forex trading signals;

 You don’t have to spend any time or efforts on news monitoring or technical analysis,instead just follow the trading signals and make money every month.

 Signals are delivered via SMS and Email which means you can trade on the go as well.

 Your risk is capped to a certain level as professional traders always follow proper risk-management practices. So no need to worry about emotional trading decisions or abrupt changes in trading plans which are some common causes why mostly traders lose money in the Forex industry.

 Trading signals are very easy to use. You don’t have to be even a Forex trader to follow the signals. If you are in real estate or any other business and want to diversify your portfolio by investing in currencies or metals then Forex trading signals is something you should seriously consider.

Despite all above mentioned advantages, you can still unsubscribe the trading signals’ service anytime.

Although trading signals are mostly used by new and intermediate-level traders, but experienced traders can also take advantage of signals. In the Forex trading, there is no limit of learning. Experienced traders can learn new trading strategies and risk management practices by closely monitoring different trading signals providers and

adopt them in their own trading.


Yes, you can of course make money from Forex signals even if you are not an experienced trader. The Forex market is the world’s largest and most liquid market with a daily turnover of more than $5.3 trillion. Because of its giant turnover and high volatility, Forex market is the most risky and profitable platform for investors. Years of experience and sound trading strategies are required if you want to make consistent return out of Forex trading. Statistics show us that in long term mostly traders (more than 80%) lose money in Forex trading.

The main reasons why a majority of Forex traders fail are as follows;

 Inadequate knowledge

 Lack of experience

 Emotional decisions & abrupt changes in trading plans

 Overtrading

 Greed & no use of risk management practices

So you can imagine that making consistent return out of Forex trading requires a lot of knowledge, time and efforts. Forex signals allow everyone to make money from Forex trading without any knowledge and experience.

Trading signals are extremely useful if you are;

 A beginner trader

 An experienced trader but unable to make consistent profits

 An investor with no time to learn and master the Forex business

 A successful Forex trader and want to learn new trading strategies and risk-management practices

 At Smartfxsignal.com, Forex signals are generated by professional traders with years of experience and proven track record in Forex trading. We deliver our signals through SMS and email which means you can place trades even at work or traveling. Most of our trading signals are in the form of pending orders so all you need is to place the order right away with the exact entry price, stop loss and take profit levels as you see in our signal. In this case, your order will be triggered whenever price reaches the desired level. Some of our trading signals can be instant orders too; In that case, you should immediately check the current market price upon receiving our trading signal. If the current price has moved more than 10 pips from our stated level then hold on and wait for price to retrace, once the price hits our stated level then place your order right away.In case you miss our quoted entry price level because of high volatility then you can ignore that particular signal and wait for next trading signal. Not to mention, you can choose to copy our trades too by using our Copier.

 In order to maximize the results of trading signals, we suggest not taking more than 1% risk on every trade. At Smartfxsignal.com, you can expect 80 to 100 pips profit on every successful trade. On monthly basis, you should expect more than 500 green pips. We delivered trading signals with more than 65%-75% winning rate.

 To start making money with our forex signals, all you need is to subscribe a suitable package on our website, fill up the form with your email and phone number and start receiving trading signals via email or SMS.


You can cancel your subscription at any time in our member’s area. members.Smartfxsignal.com